Lime & Moon Illustrated Recipe

When our old friends at Lime & Moon Pie Company approached us to create an illustrated recipe super-graphic, we salivated at the opportunity.

Chris and Stanka had a general idea of what they wanted, but relied on us to realize their vision. Our illustrator, Kelly Brooks, did the original illustrations while working out the design and layout. Her illustrated recipe was tested on Chris and Stanka, tweaked a few times, then we coordinated the large format printing, mounting and installation.

End result? A visual treat that evoked the home-made goodness of grandma’s kitchen. Mission accomplished.

By using original drawings you avoid the ‘sameness’ of stock images. When you embrace the high-touch, low-tech quality of original illustrations and you strike a chord with an audience craving proof that we can still function without technology forcing its way into every aspect of our lives.

tiny thumbnail images used for street banners
Tiny thumbnail images drawn with ballpoint pen on bond paper. The texture created by the ink wicking along the paper fibers gave the enlarged street banners a unique hand-drawn quality.

We often put pen to paper to create unique, hand-drawn images like the ones we used for Commercial Drive street banners. Enlarging the tiny, thumbnail-sized originals to street banner size, created great coarse details where the ink wicked along the paper fibres.

You may also be interested in our hand-drawn exploded view of boot construction.


  • Creative direction
  • Custom illustrations
  • Typography
  • Design
  • Production