Spec Sheet Design

There is an art and science to spec sheet design. The art is delivering clear diagrams and well designed pages that use consistent formatting. The science is using best practices for updating publishing files without the need to repeatedly proof-read content that’s already been reviewed and approved. In short — the most efficient systematic approach.

Complete Specifications

Industrial and commercial valve purchasers and process engineers need precise details for the products they specify. Pressure-temperature ranges; exact dimensions; component materials; ANSI ratings… the list goes on.

Our main challenge in designing this documentation is fitting this dense amount of information onto a single page without it looking jammed or cluttered. Section diagrams with leaders to material descriptions are created with the same precise clarity you find on a printed circuit board. Dimensions tables are packed with detailed specs for each valve size.

Simplify Updates

Spec sheet information also needs to be updated regularly. We suggested individual inserts for a hard cover ring binder so single pages could be updated as needed. Valve series are separated with laminated tabs for quick reference and each page has revision information in the page footer.

Excel files for material lists and dimension tables were prepared and proofed by the client. We linked those to our InDesign files and applied styling. This ensured accuracy, eliminated typos, and simplified updates.

Crisp Images in Low Resolution PDFs

Diagrams are all vector graphics so they remain crisp and clear in low-resolution PDFs. This ensures small file sizes and easy downloads from the website.

Download a PDF for one of the valve series and see for yourself.

Hey, It looks better than good! It looks great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your suggestion for section numbering rather than page numbers was brilliant. That’ll save complete reprints every time we make an update. I’ll be back to you next week.
Cheers. Have A Great Weekend.

— Peter Pedersen, (past VP), M.A. Stewart & Sons

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