Illustrated Instructions & Procedure Guides

Easy as 1, 2, 3. We have created illustrated instructions and procedure guides for everything from installing an outboard motor bracket to putting on a condom. 

This little business card sized 3 panel brochure for Womyns’Ware in Vancouver gave clearly illustrated instructions on the dos and don’ts of proper use of a condom. If we can provide clear instructions on this subject matter, we’re pretty confident we can do the same for even less touchy subjects.

Whether it’s prophylactics or procedure guides for website content management, the key is to take nothing for granted. Clearly describe every step of the way. And make sure your illustrated procedures actually match what you’re describing. This is a critical part of a good customer experience.

Harvard Business Review describes the truth about customer experience as the “bigger—and more important—picture: the customer’s end-to-end journey”.

Did you cut your hand trying to wrestle open the plastic package? Does the product you unwrapped actually work? Are the instructions clear? Do the images actually match what you’re describing? These last 2 items are as important to a good customer experience as the first 2. Let’s make sure we get it right. And remember, it’s never too late to reassess the product documentation you already have. Perhaps it could be better. All these improvements improve your bottom line through improved customer experience.

Software manuals, or other subject matter — it’s the same basic approach.

Got a procedural challenge? We can help.

I have to admit you guys did a great job considering the raw material ;o)
— Otter Louis, Co-founder, Womyns’Ware

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