When launching a major project like St. Paul’s new hospital it’s helpful to remind people of your major milestones. You can use a timeline design to do just that.

Our timeline design celebrated St. Paul’s 125th and touched on several of their firsts — state-of-the-art equipment; break-through medical procedures; pioneering AIDS treatments and stem cell firsts.

Their vision for the future will yield many more. How? Your financial support is key and reinforcing their track record motivates donors to open their wallets.

Various teams at St. Paul’s Foundation have worked with Far & Wide on a number of different projects, and in every case we have not been disappointed. Great ideas, great creative, and easy to work with on timelines that are not always so forgiving. Truly appreciate the level of professionalism and expertise that Kelly and her colleagues bring to every project we have shared. 

—Nadine Nickull

Manager, Annual & Online Giving 
St. Paul’s Foundation